FICT strives to become a catalyst for the seeding and growth of information and communication technologies research with unique capabilities and contributions that can distinguish themselves from similar groups in other universities. It is also the intention for us to leverage upon and support the particular strengths of the local ICT infrastructure vis-a-vis other economies globally.

FICT serves to build on the diverse strengths of existing faculty as reflected by the research clusters. It will facilitate cooperation amongst these diverse groups, as well as cross disciplinary research collaboration with other faculties and universities.

With the vision of UTAR becoming a worldwide renowned university, FICT spearheads research and innovation work in six main research groups:

Computer vision research group aims to carry out research in the area of:

    1. Assistive systems for the visually impaired.
    2. Suspicious human action recognition.
    3. Scene change detection.
    4. Facial expression recognition.


IoT research group aims to carry out research and development particularly in the area of networking and communication security. Our main focus includes but not limited to the following areas/topics: 

    1. Agriculture Monitoring.
    2. Smart home/village/city.
    3. Routing protocol.
    4. Energy harvesting wireless sensor network.


The research group focuses on the latest research directions in the domains of software engineering, knowledge management and information systems. The research group mainly conducts research but not limited to the following areas:

    1. Software processes.
    2. Software solutions and applications.
    3. Human, social and organizational factors in software engineering.
    4. Knowledge management and knowledge mining.
    5. Social Networks and Information analytics.
    6. Information systems.

The expansion in information and communication technologies will necessitate technical and real-world research that is unique to business needs. FICT is equipped to move in this direction guided by inputs that we obtain from industry, and the research conducted will be in an applied and focused manner so that outputs are usable by the concerned industries.


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