Before Industrial Training

The student who is planning to go for industrial training needs to pre-register for 1 semester earlier, read the following information on industrial training and pre-registration process:

Dear FICT Students: 

(Important !!!!) 
Starting from Jan 2018 (or Nov/Dec 2017), please use the following link for the industrial training process:
Pre-registration, On-Job, Report, and Grades. 
Please follow strictly the instructions in the following link: 

Industrial Training Procedure & Information

Students are required to read and be familiar with all of the following procedure, rules and regulations. This is the students' LEGAL responsibility to know them!

1.FICT Industrial Training Period: 

Please refer to left pane of the FICT Industrial Training Portal's webpage.

FICT Industrial Training Portal: http://fict2.southeastasia.cloudapp.azure.com/

2.Oct 2022 Industrial Training Period: 10/10/2022 - 07/01/2023 (13 weeks)

Students who intend to go for industrial training in Oct 2022 trimester, please start the pre-registration process in week 2 of Jun 2022 trimester.

Please note that you need to FULFILL the WHOLE 13 weeks of industrial training in Oct 2022 trimester, in the date indicated above.

Please refer to the pre-registration process below.

3.The whole industrial training process takes 2 semesters:

1 semester for pre-registration and looking for jobs. 1 semester for the actual industrial training.

Students who are under probation during the pre-registration semester are NOT allowed to go for industrial training.

For example: A student intends to go for industrial training in Oct 2011 semester. He is required to pre-register and look for internship job in May 2011 semester. However in May 2011 semester, this student is under probation due to poor academic results (GPA < 2.0) in Jan 2011 semester. Hence, this student is NOT eligible to go for industrial training in Oct 2011.

  • Phase 1: pre-registration process. 
    •  Have to do a whole semester before going out to industrial training. Refer to the "Pre-registration" process (please scroll down for more detail).
  • Phase 2: During industrial training. 
    •  Refer to the "During Industrial Training" in the FICT website.
  • Phase 3: Industrial Training Visitation. 
  • Phase 4: End of industrial training. 
    • Documents that you need to complete for your final grade. (Industrial Training Report)
  • Download resources:

Pre Registration Process

1.Things you need to know before registration

  • You have to start the pre-register process one semester before the actual industrial training semester.
  • For example, if you plan to go for your industrial training during Oct 2011 semester, you need to start the pre-registration process in May 2011 semester.
  • The whole pre-registration process will take one semester, and there are four stages in the process: 
    • Submission of FICT Pre-registration Form 
    • Looking for internship job placement. 
    • Interview & acceptance of job placement 
    • Preparation to go out

2.Submission of FICT Pre-registration form

Form: Please refer to the FICT Pre-registration form in your FICT Industrial Training Portal, 

generate and submit to FICT FGO (You must submit this form)

  • Eligibility of industrial training: 
    •  Accumulated 54 credits including transferred credits from other institution.
    •  Accumulated 45 credits excluding current semester. 
    •  Advisable to go for industrial training AFTER year 2 trimester 2. 
    • Not under probation status during the pre-registration semester. 
    • CGPA >= 2.0
  • Submit the FICT pre-registration form with the latest academic transcript to FICT (please refer to WBLE for the guidelines)
    • before week 15 of long semester (Jan and May semester) 
    • before week 8 of short semester (Oct semester) 
    • You MUST fill in and submit this form during current semester if you intend to go for industrial training in next semester.
    • Faculty officers will then pre-register students into the computer system based on this form.
  • In this stage:
    • DO NOT submit your pre-registration form in last minutes or after your final exam. FICT reserves the right to deny your industrial training if you perform the above act.
    • DO NOT go to industrial training "quietly" without pre-registration. This "quiet act" of yours will be your part-time job, not industrial training. 
    • All students MUST fulfill the whole duration of the industrial training dates posted by FICT. About 19 weeks in long semesters, 3 full months in short semester 
    • Any student tries to deviate from the posted dates, OR "create" their own date (less than 19 weeks or 3 months), without seeking approval from the faculty will result in failure
    • DO NOT compare the posted period of industrial training and procedure with other faculties. 
    • FICT reserves the rights to deny students from going to Industrial training if the particular students do not fulfill the conditions to go for industrial training.

For students who are under probation and still want to go for industrial training:

FICT WILL NOT ACCEPT any pre-registration for all students that are under probation. 

Student can only appeal to add industrial training (as a unit) AFTER the academic result is out (GPA), in order to prove that he/she is out of probation. This is a SPECIAL grace procedure based on special circumstances, NOT an obligatory procedure for FICT. 

 If you are under probation (in the previous semester), and you are out of probation (in this semester), and you still want to go for industrial training, special approval may be given, ONLY to those who are in your last semester of your degree program.

For those students who fulfill the above conditions, and still insist to go for industrial training, please do the following:

Submit the industrial training pre-registration during the first two weeks of the semester (of your industrial training), clearly indicates that you are a student who is out of probation.

Together with the pre-registration form, submit an official letter of request to industrial training with justifiable reasons and your signature, to Dean to FICT, cc to Deputy Dean of Industrial Training. Please submit your 4 undertaking letters (signed), and photocopied letter of offer too. Submit all these 7 documents, otherwise FICT WON'T register you for industrial training.

You HAVE ALREADY FOUND your own internship placement. FICT WILL NOT help you to look for placement. However, you CAN email your resume to itc.fict@utar.edu.my and attend the Industrial Exposure Day.

FICT will process your request in a case by case basis, and approve/disapprove your request based on the decision of the industrial training committee. Industrial training committee reserves the FULL RIGHT to approve/disapprove your request.
Industrial training committee will inform student on the approval/disapproval of this special request after the semester results have been released.

For those who are under probation during pre-registration:
  • You have to look for placement yourself. FICT WILL NOT help you to look for placement. 
  • FICT WILL NOT issue any supporting letter to you during pre-registration period. 
  • FICT WILL NOT answer anything for you to the companies, as you are not supposed to go for industrial training (university rules).

Probation Status Issues:

During Industrial Training
Continue internship
Continue internship
Special add-in and approval (case by case)
Intership NOT allowed
You are no longer a UTAR student

3.Looking for Internship job placement

If your company requests for supporting letter for industrial training, the "Request Form" is created from FICT Industrial Training Portal, under "Request for Supporting Letter for Industrial Training".

(Company may require you to prove that you are a UTAR student looking for internship placement. Submit this form to FICT office to obtain this supporting letter, 2-3 business days to process).

(Some company may request this supporting letter after your first day of internship, to be filed as a legal document in human resource dept. Submit the same form to FICT office.) 

Sample of the supporting letter without FICT letterhead

  • Valid job placements:
    • Any IT technical job, e.g: Programming, Database, Linux, Web page, Server, PC technical support, Networking, etc. 
    • No sales & marketing job, e.g: direct selling, selling handphone, selling PC, etc. 
    • If students are found that they are doing non-IT related job, this may lead to a failure in industrial training.
  • There are two ways to look for job.
    • Self placement (look for placement yourself) 
    • UTAR placement (UTAR assigned)
  • Send email and resume (sample) to potential employer.
    • Indicate clearly your industrial training period (start date & end date) to your company when you apply for the placement.
  • Interview & acceptance of job placement.
    • Be professional during the interview.
    • Please accept the offer that you have promised to the company. DON'T promise one company and go to another company, either verbally, or by email. This is a serious ethical issue. Any complaint from company will result in your suspension of industrial training.
    • Worse, if you have SIGNED an offer letter of a company, but later tell the company that you will join another company instead (because of better pay or nearer to your home), this will constitude a serious case of "breach of contract". Students who do this may incur LEGAL action from company, and definitely cause reputation damage to UTAR. UTAR will subject the student to disciplinary action.
    • Advisable to accept the first job offer. If you have more than one internship offer at the same time, please accept one and inform other companies politely about your decline.
    • Some companies may require you to prove that you are a UTAR student before interview or after interview. Kindly submit the "Request for Supporting Letter for Industrial Training" to the FICT FGO and you will obtain a supporting (or verification) letter (sample). Submit or show this letter to the companies who request it.

4.Preparation to go out

Submit photocopy of offer letter + 4 undertaking & indemnity letters + consent form.

PLEASE read your offer letter carefully, regarding your working hours and job scope!

  • Before you go out to industrial training, you are required to submit the following 8 documents to FGO completely (pre-registration form + academic transcript + photocopy of company offer letter + 4 undertaking/indemnity letters + consent form):
    • Pre-registration form (put your signature on the form)
    • Academic transcript
    • Your letter of offer (accepted and signed by you) from company (photocopied, you keep the original) 
    • Letter of Undertaking for UTAR by Student (download this from your Industrial Training Portal, and put your signature on the letter) 
    • Letter of Undertaking for UTAR by Parents or Guardian (download this from your Industrial Training Portal, and have the signature of your parents/guardian) 
    • Letter of Indemnity for Company by Student (download this from your Industrial Training Portal, and put your signature on the letter) 
    • Letter of Indemnity for Company by Parents or Guardian (download this from your Industrial Training Portal, and have the signature of your parents/guardian)  
    • Consent Form (download this from your WBLE, fill and sign)
  • Please refer to WBLE for the method of submission.
  • If you don't submit any one of the above documents, FICT WON'T process and register your industrial training course !
  • Please read your offer letter carefully. If there is any dispute with the company, the offer letter will be treated as a "legal evidence".

5.Rules for Placement (Taken from Industrial Training Manual section 5.2.1)

The discretion of whether or not to accept a student as an industrial trainee lies entirely with the company and not with the University. A student should prepare him/herself conversantly for the job interview, e.g. the company may test the student on his/her skills and knowledge of the relevant subject domains. 

Only one job placement per student. 

Students must accept the FIRST job offered to them. 

NO changing nor SWAPPING of jobs upon CONFIRMED placement without obtaining approval from their Faculty. 

All placements must be for FULL TIME work. Subject to expressed instruction by the Supervisor in Charge, students are not allowed to complete their assignment in places, times and tasks of high risk other than mutually and officially agreed and specified in advance by the University and the Company. 

NO job hopping. If a student wants to leave his/her current placement, he/she must provide justification to the Faculty and his/her company, and receive the approval from the faculty BEFORE he/she can leave his/her current placement. 

No working at close relative's company. All students are required to declare in the form in order to avoid conflict of interest. 

Payment by the company as the allowance for industrial trainees is encouraged, but not a requirement. 

Final placements will be decided by the Industrial Training Committee whether the students apply for their positions through the University or on their own.