UTAR Programme Approval and Provisional Accreditation Status

The programmes offered are approved by Ministry of Higher Education (MOHE) before they are offered for study. These programmes are accredited by

Malaysian Qualifications Agency (MQA).


Why should you choose ICT?

  • ICT is one of the area with the highest market demand for graduates in Malaysia today due to the vast expanding opportunities in ICT, thanks to the switch to a digital era in the recent decades.
  • ICT professionals can work in almost any type of organization in the world due to its expertise are required by organizations that are running different business and operations.
  • ICT graduates have a long list of work positions that are available to be chosen from upon graduation due to the various skills in ICT that they possess. (Check each of our programmes to find out more about the career prospects)
  • ICT professionals can achieve a high pay grade in their career.
  • ICT offers opportunitist to upgrade one's qualification through the taking of various certification courses for even better job prospects.

Reasons for you to choose FICT in UTAR:

  • UTAR provides affordable tuition fees for all offered courses.
  • FICT is located at the scenic UTAR Perak campus located at Kampar, providing scenic view close to nature and a relaxing environment to study.
  • FICT offers 5 different choices of specialized ICT courses with different majors of each of them.
  • FICT is equipped with updated ICT technologies, lab and FYP equipments that will help students to pick up their skills throughout their studies.
  • FICT includes industrial training programmes within the bachelor degree to expose the students to the operations in the industry and to get real life experience of ICT in the demanding real world, helping to prepare the graduates to be competent in the workplace upon graduation.