Master of Science (Computer Science)

Master of Science (Computer Science) KP/JSP(KA11054)01/15

Sarjana Sains Komputer 電腦科學碩士

The Master of Computer Science offers a unique combination of scientific and engineering appeal. It provides candidates with the opportunity to conduct in-depth research and development in the areas of computing, intelligent system, software engineering, business intelligence system, image processing, pattern recognition, communication and networking technologies, parallel and distributed system, information system and management, database and software development, etc. it also equips candidates with the ability to perform professional analysis, design, implementation, testing and documentation. Computer science professional design and build algorithms and data structures that lie at the heart of financial transactions, company management, the internet and world wide web, industrial plant control and all other computing devices and processes that are so extensively used in business and organizations.Throughout the programme, candidates will be encouraged to participate in enhancement courses such as seminars, talks, workshops or conferences.

Mode of Study: Research

The research-based programme entails a specific programme of research under appropriate supervision. Research-based programmes generally have the objective of training candidates in research methodology and techniques, and in the critical evaluation of the research work carried out. Candidates are also required to apply and evaluate methodologies and techniques.

Research candidate may choose research topics in the following areas (not exhaustive): Distributed Programming, Pattern Recognition, Image Processing, Machine Learning, Artificial Intelligence, Software Engineering, Advance Network Design, Network Security, Agent Technology, Web Services, Simulation and Modeling, Computer Vision, Computational Theory, Embedded Systems, Digital Systems Design, Mobile Computing, Game Development, Information Systems, Database Technology, Object Oriented Data Modeling, Bio Informatics, etc. An original contribution to the body of knowledge in the field undertaken is required for the award of the Masters degree by research.

Medium of Instruction


Duration of study

The minimum duration is 1-2 years. For more details, please kindly visit IPSR website.


Throughout the year

Programme Structure A : Research

  • Thesis
  • Research Methods
  • Directed Readings

Course Structure