Final Year Project
The Final Year Project (FYP) encourages students to bring together their discoveries as a single piece of work and to demonstrate their competency in applying what they have learnt throughout their studies. Students are encouraged to innovate, research and test their hypothesis, and present in their work, their knowledge and expertise in disciplines other than what they have learnt. The project work presents students the opportunity to advance their ideas, and pursue their interests to postgraduate research problem formulation, development-tool selection, research method identification, project planning, proposal writing, presentation, in order to commence their final year projects.

Every student undertaking the degree is required to complete a FYP under the supervision of a FICT academic staff. In the case that the FYP is derived from an industrial problem, an external co-supervisor from the industry may be appointed, subject to the approval from the Faculty.

The whole FYP is divided into three parts, namely Introduction To Inventive Problem Solving And Proposal Writing (IIPSPW), Project I and Project II. Once the student accumulated 54 credit hours, the student can start to take the IIPSPW course. Each student is required to meet the supervisor minimum once in two weeks for long trimester (bi-weekly meeting) and once in a week for short trimester (weekly meeting).

  • For IIPSPW students, you must fill up FINAL YEAR PROJECT UNDERTAKING FORM. Click IIPSPW at the top, select FYP Undertaking Form, fill up the form with correct details and click Submit. The form will be sent to your supervisor for acceptance. Please take note that you must get your supervisor's agreement to take you as his/her FYP student before you fill up this form. You can fill up this form once at a time. If you filled up with wrong information, your supervisor will reject the acceptance and you have to refill up this form again with the correct information.
  • For IIPSPW students who assigned with a supervisor, you must meet your supervisor and obtain your FYP title. Then you must fill up IIPSPW AMENDMENT FORM to enter your details, your FYP Title and Area of Study.
  • For FYP1 and FYP2 students, if you would like to have:
         A) Title refinement;
         B) Change of area of study and/or project type;
         C) Change of supervisor,
         Kindly fill up FYP1/FYP2 AMENDMENT FORM in the FYP1/FYP2 Section.
  • For B) Change of area of study and/or project type; and C) Change of supervisor,
         For FYP1, the student must submit a new IIPSPW report according to the new project title and area of study into the link provided.
         For FYP2, the student must submit a new FYP1 report according to the new project title and area of study into the link provided
  • For FYP1 and FYP2, students who fail to submit their full reports and/or fail to perform a presentation will be graded ‘F’. FYP Report with unsatisfactory Turnitin scores will not be accepted.
  • FYP Portal Report Submission Guidelines
  • IMPORTANT, MUST READ! IIPSPW FYP1 FYP2 Schedule for Jan 2023 trimester
  • IMPORTANT: FYP1 & FYP2 Briefing (Recorded Video )
  • FYP1 and FYP2 oral presentation timeslots: Oct 2022

  • IIPSPW Guidelines
  • IIPSPW Report Templates: [IB]  [IA]  [CS]  [CN]  [CT]  [DE

  • FYP1
  • FYP1 Guidelines
  • FYP1 Report Templates: [IB]  [IA]  [CS]  [CN]  [CT]  [DE

  • FYP2
  • FYP2 Guidelines
  • FYP2 Report Templates: [IB]  [IA]  [CS]  [CN]  [CT]  [DE
  • Purchasing Form for FYP (FYP Claim Form)

  • FYP1 Competition
    VITROX-FICT Innovation Challenge : Notice v1
  • Form Submission Deadline: 16th Dec 2022
  • Form Submission Platform: Google Form

  • FYP2 Competition
    Jabil-FICT FYP Competition (PHYSICAL) : Notice v1
  • Date: 5th May 2023, Friday (tentatively)
  • Time: 12:30 pm - 5:30 pm
  • Platform: FICT FYP Lab, N109
  • Form Submission Deadline: 26 April 2023, 5:00 pm
  • Form Submission Platform: Google Form

  • Download Resources Guidelines

    FYP Poster
    FYP Poster Resolution and DPI Requirements are listed as follows:
  • Dimensions: 4961 pixels x 3526 pixels (Vertical and horizontal are acceptable)
  • Resolution: 150 pixels/inch (dpi)
  • Bit depth: At least 16 bpc and above
  • File type: JPG file
  • Design sample (Click to enlarge):